Would Like to Move was born from the realisation that many people are thinking about moving home... they just aren't serious enough yet to want to talk to an estate agent. There are other people who are desperate to move to a particular location... they are signed up with all the estate agents but are not having any luck.

For Sellers and Landlords

We know many people are toying with the idea of selling or letting their property but they are ot ready to enter the high pressure process that is kicked off as soon as an estate agent is brought in. Sometimes they just want to guage the market.

Other people they want to avoid an estate agent altogether because their house should be easy to close a deal on. We could see that some estate agents would try to charge the same fee despite knowing they’d not have to lift a finger to get a stream of potential buyer’s through the door of a desirable home. We didn't think that was right and decided there should be a way for people to bypass the high fees being charged for very little work.

We're not saying doing without an estate agent is right for everybody, but it might save you a lot of money. Even if you still prefer to close a deal through an estate agent, by first gauging the market with Would Like to Move you’ll be in a stronger position when it comes to negotiating your fee with the agent.

For Buyers and Renters

When we were looking to buy our house we knew where we wanted to live because we knew which school’s catchment we wanted to be in. However, we soon realised that for every home that came available through an estate agency, there was already a queue of potential buyers lined up. We needed to get ahead of the others buyers! Our solution was to leaflet the area we wanted to move to. It worked! Several homeowners, who had not approached an estate agent yet, because they were only just thinking about selling, got in touch. We liked one house in particular, they had a couple of estate agents round to give a free estimate and we settled on a price that took into account that there was no estate agent’s fee.

It worked for us, but we thought there should be an easier way than leafleting... and Would Like to Move was the result.

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